Services and Techniques

Chiropractic Care

We provide chiropractic medicine utilizing a variety of chiropractic techniques.  Dr. Pridham uses spinal manipulation, soft tissue adjustments, Kinesio Taping, dry needling and other modalities to treat his patients the way they like to be treated.  


Corrective Exercises

At Equilibrium Chiropractic LLC, we teach our patients how to move correctly and often.  Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong are systems of movement that are very useful for prevention and management of pain.


Lifestyle Advice

Many of the diseases and conditions prevalent in our society are attributable to unhealthy lifestyles.  The good news is that it is easy to start implementing changes to improve your overall health.



Many painful conditions are associated with or complicated by poor diet.  If this is a contributing factor to a patient’s condition then a nutritional evaluation may be in order for our patients.  Helpful advice on how to improve their diet is then given based on the food diary and laboratory examination if needed.


Myofascial Therapy

Dr. Pridham started his training in massage therapy in 1998.  He was the youngest in his class and he has incorporated this background into his treatments.


Advanced Practice Procedures

The Advanced Practice Certification (APC) for chiropractic physicians in New Mexico gives Dr. Pridham more tools to address pain.  If conservative measures are not helping enough he can perform some more invasive procedures such as trigger point injections.   


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